The Knowledge

Professional sound engineers and musicians
are serious about their mission

As a professional you must master the required skills and you must be proud of your work. Never fail to do your very best. Make sure you have the proper technical skills and adequate knowledge. Make sure you have full control of the equipment and let your experience and skills help you create great live sound.

If you are aiming for a career as a
professional sound engineer you must understand that YOU are the single most important factor for creating great sound

And if you are a musician you must realize that the future success for you and your band is your ability to give the audience a great sound experience

These are your qualifications:

  • You must have sufficient technical skills regarding the equipment and all of the components of modern sound system.
  • You must understand how to make the equipment function as a unit.
  • You have to have a "sound-ear" to determine quality sound, or to be able to make the right adjustments to improve the sound.
  • Analysis and adjustment must follow by direct connection between ear and hand. Without thinking of it, you must be able to turn the right knob.
  • You must know all there is to know about every piece of equipment in your sound system.

Like most others you have probably obtained your sound engineering skills by watching and learning, setting up equipment and making soundchecks.

Of course you must have real practical experience. Theory is not all there is to it. But if you improve your fundamental theoretical knowledge regarding sound equipment, you will enhance your practical experience.

Your ability to create great live sound will increase dramatically when you combine your practical experience with a deeper theoretical understanding of how the equipment works.

If you are that kind of person who would like to grow and want to create even greater live sound than before, I know you will have a great use of the e-book Live Sound Equipment.

That e-book can help you to blossom out as a real good sound engineer, so you can create great live sound for your self or for all the bands who will engage you after they discovering you new potential.

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Learn the fundamental technical skills you must master to

  • become a successful/respected sound engineer with the ability to create great live soundand/or
  • eliminate the bad-sound-factor that may affect your career as musician or band member

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