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An incredible piece of good work! A much longed-for book! All that is left for me now is just to apply for a grant so that I am able to buy some sets of books for the classes.
Magnus Lange, Stockholms Estetiska Gymnasium (Stockholms Upper Secondary School for Art, Drama & Music)

Bought the book last autumn and it is brilliant! An ingenious way of explaining even the most elementary conceptions, like for example how to wrap cables. Nothing is missing in this book.
Eric Ersbacken, Dalarna

Just would like to thank you for an invaluable and brilliant book. Really like it a lot! Have been looking for something similar for years!
– Björn Follin

Thanks for a very useful and good manual of sound engineering. As an amateur engineer of a big band I have had an immense use of the book. It is priceless.
– Lars Jernryd, XL Big Band

Well I will be damned! It is really amazing how you have managed to write a book about sound so enthralling. Twice I have ploughed through it, actively; I mean really thought about what it says about meaning, causes and effects.
– Kjell Ohlsson

I thought the book was very good! The book is suitable both for beginners and pros. The experienced sound engineer will find it just as useful as the local cover bands. Ought to be read by more people before the set up for a gig, both engineers and musicians. Everything is mentioned in there; from how sound originate and how the ear perceive it, to how you should turn a certain knob on your advanced sound machine to make it sound just the way you want it to.
– Thomas Nilsson

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